A taste of home in Paris

It’s no surprise that one of the hardest parts about living in a foreign country is homesickness.  Even though half my time is spent blown away at the fact we live here (example daily thoughts: “I’m walking up the stairs to our apartment in Paris?” “I’m ordering my baguette from OUR bakery in PARIS?!” “I just slipped and fell in dog poop IN PARIS?!?!”), there are also times where it’s not so easy to be be as optimistic.

Luckily, Mikael and I have been fortunate enough to have our fair share of antidotes to help ease the sickness’s symptoms – visitors, late-night or early-morning phone/Skype calls, and special surprises that come via La Poste.  Favorites of the latter have been thoughtful cards, gift baskets, and care-packages, all received at the perfect moment.  (But then again, when is a bad time to get mail?)

Besides missing my loved ones back home, there of course are certain flavors I long for, despite all Paris has to offerNew Mexican chile is my feel-good food, and a miracle was waiting in a package from my mom this past Christmas.  Three jumbo bags of dehydrated red chile.  You only need 4 Tbsp for a 2-cup batch of red chile sauce…like I said, a miracle.

This crimson powder has had some serious stamina, attacking pretty much all of our meals.  With or without Mikael’s knowledge or consent.

To see the NM nectar in action, check out this recipe for French-inspired vegetarian enchiladas.

4 responses

  1. Great post Catherine! I must assume that red chile sauce made from real New Mexican chile trumps moldy bananas delivered a week late any time but, hey, it’s the thought huh! Dog poop, however, even in PARIS, is a different story altogether! I love it that I am now registered on your blog so I get them as you post them – is this what you kids today mean by “real time”? I always wondered… Anyhow, enyoy your time in that great city as you truly deserve it and know for sure that we at home are equally “Catherine-sick” and can’t wait for your return. Love, Dad xxoxoooxox

    • Actually I kind of obliterated the fruit basket within the first day of receiving it (obliterated meaning I may have swallowed pieces of fruit whole), all this before I thought to take pictures of it besides the one I sent you! We loved it (besides the poor banana)! You guys are so thoughtful. Oh and for the dog poop mention I was thinking of you…not sure if you’ll be flattered by that or not… I love you!

  2. In three and a half years I always managed to skillfully maneuverer around those Parisian pavement, doggy treats, but it does involve looking at the ground a lot! Hope the baguette survived!!! 🙂

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