Avril Living (and life’s like this…)

As you can probably guess from our recent lack of posts, it’s been an extremely busy past month. But now that it’s coming to an end, we thought it’d be a good time to bring everybody back up to speed.

For starters Mikael’s Mom, Catharina, came to visit for an action-packed Easter weekend, filled with adventures both in and outside of the city’s boundaries. From underneath the Pantheon to the top of the Sacre Coeur, from Matisse’s window’s to Monet’s gardens, we saw and did it all. Rising early and collapsing late, it’s no exaggeration when we say we managed to see more of our city during her 4 day stay than we have since we moved here last fall. Click below to see some of the highlights.

Shortly after, we found ourselves jobless, as both Catherine’s contract and Mikael’s boss’ sanity came to a bitter end. Fortunately, we had distractions a-plenty – it was time for another edition of Dimanche Rouge (video coming soon!), and with a fast approaching deadline for our Kino Paname short film project, there were screenplays to write, locations to scout and cats to wrangle as we prepped for our shoot. All this while trying to keep ourselves and our equipment dry from the torrential April showers.

We wrapped pre- through post-production within 72 sleepless hours, exporting it just in time to miss the submission deadline, experience an acute mental breakdown and pass out into a time-zone-altering slumber. Even though it didn’t make this month’s screening, we’re excited to showcase our fun little film at May’s meeting.

Currently we’re still trying to figure out what day it is, only emerging from our cave to catch late showings of The Avengers (Catherine’s name’s in the credits!) and, a far less satisfying to watch than read, Hunger Games. With only one month left on our lease, almost all our summer preparations have been set with three WWOOF hosts confirmed, train tickets reserved and a tent purchased. Come June we’ll be hitting the rails for 8 weeks of campagne living, but until then we’ll be making the most of our final days in the city we’ve learned to call home.

Oh yeah, and we started Mikael’s dreads. It only took 15 hours.


4 responses

  1. Did Kissy Kitty have the same face as Mikael (from the first picture with Catharina) when being sewn up? My, using fishing line will REALLY make sure she will never fall apart again! Where are the pictures of Mikael’s dreds? Enjoy reading about your adventures and happy that you are doing well. Love you! Ma Parker

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